Body Treatments

Dead Sea Mineral Salt Body Polish (60 minutes)
For very dry and rough skin, this body treatment is rich in minerals that provide relief of skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, arthritis, muscular spasms, joint pain, blood circulation, and nerve problems. The treatment will disinfect, exfoliate, and help remove impurities, toxins, and dull and dry dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth and healthy. Treatment is followed by a replenishing moisturizing body lotion.
Cranberry Anti-Aging Body Scrub (60 minutes)
For first signs of aging, this treatment is rich in anti-oxidant ingredients like polyphenols for anti-aging, and omega 3 and omega 6 for moisturizing. Cranberry creates a gentle natural exfoliant, and is a great moisturizer that leaves your skin deliciously smooth and delectably radiant.
Organic Sugar Scrub (60 minutes)
For sensitive to lightly dry skin, this treatment includes a very gentle moisturizing exfoliator that helps remove flaky skin and dead skin cells, and absorbs oils and impurities while balancing the natural oils of the skin. Treatment is followed by a rich body cream moisturizer, leaving your skin soft and silky.
Anti-Cellulite, Sculpting & Firming Body Treatment (75 minutes)
This treatment is a firming, detoxifying body wrap ideal to combat cellulite, targeting the abdomen, hips, and thighs. For after pregnancy and weight reduction, or as a contouring treatment. (Lose up to 1 dress size in just 5 treatments.)
Chocolate Powder Body Wrap (90 minutes)
Includes a body scrub / polish of your choice.For all skin types, this body treatment is rich in magnesium which helps build skin cells, and rich in zinc which helps with acne and bolstering the immune system. This treatment is energizing, antioxidant, anti-stress, and rejuvenating.
Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Wrap (90 minutes)
Includes a body scrub / polish of your choice.Ideal for all skin types, this treatment is rich in minerals, including sodium which rejuvenates the skin by removing dead skin cells, toxins and impurities; calcium, which cleanses skin pores while building healthy bones; bromine, a natural antiseptic that soothes and relaxes the nervous system; potassium which improves oxidation, regulates the electrical process of muscles, including the nervous system and blood circulation, also helping with the growth of new skin cells, and assisting in the breakdown of cellulite; magnesium which acts as anti-allergenic, cell builder, and as a skin moisturizer. Treatment helps relax aching joints and back pain, also helps improve skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, and arthritis. A rich moisturizing lotion is later applied leaving your skin soft and revitalized.

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